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Approved Memos: 2013-2014 Joint Use Agreement RFP-2nd Release

Arkansas Department of Education
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2013-2014 Joint Use Agreement RFP-2nd Release  

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Co-op Directors; Elementary Principals; Middle School Principals; High School Principals; Superintendents; Athletic Directors, Coordinated School Health Coordinators 

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Learning Services 

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Jerri Clark 

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The Arkansas Department of Education is pleased to have funds available for public and charter schools to join together with community leaders and local non-profit organizations to improve health through joint use agreements. The Joint Use Agreement Grant is a collaboration of the Arkansas Department of Education, Arkansas Department of Health, and the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement.


The joint grant is a competitive application made possible and supported by Governor Mike Beebe and the Arkansas Tobacco Excise Tax, created by Ark. Code Ann. § 26-57-801 et seq. The funds are to be used to aid schools in the adoption and implementation of a stand-alone joint use school board policy and forming collaborative partnerships with local community resources with the intent of increased opportunity for physical activity.


A Joint Use Agreement is the practice of allowing use of public school buildings and/or grounds by non-school entities or vice-versa. A Joint Use Agreement is a formal written agreement between an Arkansas public or charter school and one or more separate entities to collaborate, setting forth the terms and conditions for shared use of public property.


The applying Arkansas public or charter school must act as the lead grantee and the fiscal agent for the grant funds awarded.


The Joint Use Agreement Guidelines and Application are attached to this Commissioner’s Memo. The original and three (3) copies of the application must be received by the Arkansas Department of Education no later than 4:30 p.m. November 1, 2013. Incomplete, faxed or electronic submissions will not be accepted. Send or deliver applications to:


Arkansas Department of Education

Office of Coordinated School Health

Attn: Jerri Clark, CSH Grant Manager

 2020 West 3rd Street, Suite 320

Little Rock, AR 72205


A technical assistance grant writing webinar will be offered for the Arkansas Joint Use Agreement Grant. To register for participation in the technical assistance webinar, please complete and submit the attached registration form. The webinar will be available on the dates listed below.


Joint Use Agreement Grant Writing Technical Assistance Webinar Dates:

September 26, 2013 1:00 p.m.

September 27, 2013 1:00 p.m.

2013-2014 JUA Application Final R2.doc    
2013-2014 JUA Grant Writing Technical Assistance Webinar Registration R2.doc    
2013-2014 JUA Guidelines Final R2.doc    
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