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Approved Memos: 2012-2015 Local Technology Plan

Arkansas Department of Education
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2012-2015 Local Technology Plan 

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Co-op Directors; Superintendents; Federal Programs Coordinators, E-Rate Coordinators, Technology Coordinators, Cooperative Technology Directors 

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Research & Technology 

Regulatory Authority

No Child Left Behind; Public Law 107-110, January 8, 2002, 115 Stat. 1425, Title II, Part D. 

Contact Person

Belinda Kittrell 

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Memo Text

The Arkansas Department of Education requires all public school districts, open enrollment charter schools and education service cooperatives to submit a revised local technology plan in order to comply with the No Child Left Behind legislation and E-Rate requirements. Technology plans are approved for three years, 2012 through 2015.


Technology plans will be reviewed after the close of the submission window. Upon completion of review, either a revision statement or approval certificate will be sent to the submitting entity.


The plan should be submitted to the Arkansas Department of Education between November 15, 2010, and March 2, 2012, via the following website:


Technology plan signature forms/pages will NOT be accepted via fax or e-mail transmission.  They should be mailed to:


Wilma Toombs

Public School Program Advisor

Arkansas Department of Education

Technology Resources

6020 Ranch Drive, Suite C-8

Little Rock, AR 72223


Technology plans and technology plan signature forms/pages must be completed and received by 4 pm, Friday, March 2, 2012.


Technology Plan Training –Compressed Interactive Video Network

2012-2015 technology plan training will be held via the compressed interactive video network on November 12, 2010,  from 8:30 a.m. to noon. To have your cooperative or school included please send your site name and room number to:




2012-2015 TP Guiding Questions (Public).pdf    
User Manual Tech Plan Submission (Public).pdf    
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