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Approved Memos: Graduates Smart Core Report - 2011

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Graduates Smart Core Report - 2011 

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TRIAND, the state electronic transcript system, now provides a report for district, school and classroom-level users to view the Smart Core status of their enrolled students.  The  report, titled “Graduates Smart Core Report – 2011,” will allow authorized Triand users to verify whether or not students have met the requirements of the Smart Core curriculum at a glance using color-coded cells, with green showing those who have met each of the categorized 19 rules, and red showing those who have not. 


A tutorial for accessing the report is available via the ADE Triand Support site at


Please note course names are not used in determining Smart Core status.  Only course codes are used in determining whether or not a student has completed the Smart Core curriculum.  Please ensure the appropriate course codes are in use and classes are configured appropriately in your school district’s student management system (APSCN StudentPlus SMS).  The attached document, “Smart Core Business Rules.pdf,” lists the course codes for the Smart Core curriculum.


Please contact your APSCN Field Representative or the APSCN Help Desk at 800-435-7989 or 501-682-4357 for questions regarding your district’s student management system and course code corrections.  


For questions or assistance regarding My TRIAND, please contact My TRIAND Support by email at or by phone at 501-683-5658.


Smart Core Business Rules Spreadsheet.pdf    
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Created at 5/6/2011 8:10 AM  by Linda Carter (ADE) 
Last modified at 5/6/2011 1:47 PM  by Seth Blomeley (ADE)